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The Proposition

Nick Cave has written the script and soundtrack for the forthcoming movie 'The Proposition' starring Guy Pearce.

The music was composed with Warren Ellis, Cave's long-time songwriting partner for the Bad Seeds and a member of The Dirty Three.

Because he wrote both the script and the soundtrack, the movie plot and the music are closely intertwined.

"I always heard it musically, and I guess it's written rhythmically as well" Cave explains in a statement. "It's very similar to the way my band operates. There are moments of intense violence and there are also moments of long, lyrical, quiet sadness."

Ellis, who lives in France, recorded some of the violin loops at his house. "It was very different to making a normal record," Ellis says. "There were no boundaries in that respect, and I enjoyed much more than I thought I would. The music had to be very flexible, and as a result it has a very improvised, loose feel. But that's fine. Beethoven and Mozart did not write with films in mind either."

Cave warns fans this will not be the Nick Cave album they are used to. "I didn't want to have songs in it," he explains, "or Nick Cave songs, certainly. For me it was delicately balanced thing. On the one hand you don't want a historical movie with a real contemporary soundtrack, but nor did we want wall-to-wall Irish jigs. I didn't want songs to act as distraction."

The Proposition soundtrack will be released on September 26.

by Paul Cashmere www.undercover.com.au

Film website with trailer.
(If you listen closely to the trailer, you may hear strains from Some Summers They Drop Like Flies).

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